Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate
Butte, MT

Church and Social Hall Schedule of Fees (unchanged for 10+ years)

Service Steward Non-steward
Baptism $50 $50
Wedding $100 $250
Funeral $100 $250

Additionally, honorarium to the local Priest for the above.

Social Hall Usage

Party Size Steward Non-steward
Small (< 51) $150 $250
Medium (51 - 100) $200 $350
Large (> 100) $250 $450

Kitchen/stove/fridge use:  $75
Max of 200 people (170 if alcohol is served)

A pledged Steward in good standing cannot rent the Hall at a Steward's rate for someone who is not a Steward.  (The Priest can determine hardship/poverty cases)

Payments to be made in advanced.  Non-payment, bad checks, or excessive damage will exclude people from future use of the campus.