Holy Trinity Orthodox Church
Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate
Butte, MT
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You can't miss our church from Continental Drive
You can't miss our church from Continental Drive
You can't miss our church from Continental Drive
The fresco work is a must-see
The fresco work is a must-see
The fresco work is a must-see

Holy Trinity parish was founded on August 28, 1897, when the first Divine Liturgy was served in Butte. Thirty-five families, all from the southern regions of the former Yugoslavia, gathered around a visiting Orthodox missionary priest, committed to establishing a parish and building a permanent Orthodox Church. In 1905, their dream, through prayers and self-sacrificial love, turned into a reality. This first church edifice stood until 1964 when it was demolished due to the structural damage caused by underground mining. The construction of the new church was finished in 1965 with the consecration date on July 25. Today, our vibrant Orthodox community has members with various ethnic backgrounds, Serbian, Greek, Irish, Scottish, German, etc. Holy Trinity parish is pan-Orthodox and welcomes everyone seeking the fullness of the Christian faith revealed by Jesus Christ, confirmed by Holy Scripture, preached by the Apostles, and lived victoriously throughout the centuries by countless holy women, men, and children.

We encourage you to visit our vibrant and growing parish.  May our Loving Lord be your guide, protection, and salvation!

You are invited to come experience Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Church in Butte Montana. We have regular services at 10:00 AM Sunday mornings, and you may also call to schedule a church tour.  Please contact us for more information!
For news and upcoming parish events and activities, please visit our Annoucements page.
Daily Readings from the Prologue of Ochrid are now available.

Schedule of Services for Great Lent

Great Lent starts Monday, March 15th

Canon of St. Andrew, 3/15 and 3/16, 7p
Presanctified Liturgy, every Wednesday, 5:30p, soup dinner to follow

Sundays of Great Lent:
- Sunday of Orthodoxy, 3/21
- St. Gregory Palamas, 3/28
- Veneration of the Cross, 4/4
- St. John Climacus, 4/11
- St. Mary of Egypt, 4/18

Holy Week:
- Lazarus Vespers, 4/23, 5:30p
- Lazarus Saturday Divine Liturgy, 4/24, 10a
- Palm Vespers, 4/24, 5:30p
- Palm Sunday Divine Liturgy, 4/25, 10a
- Bridegroom Matins, 4/25, 7p
- Church cleaning, 4/26, 9a
- Bridegroom Matins, 4/26, 7p
- Bridegroom Matins, 4/27, 7p
- Unction and Matins, 4/28, 7p
- Royal Hours Reading, 4/29, 9a
- Last Supper Divine Liturgy, 4/29, 10a
- 12 Passion Gospels and Matins, 4/29, 7p
- Burial Vespers, 4/30, 3:30p
- Lamentations, Praises, Matins, 4/30, 7p (procession w/candles)
- Harrowing of Hades Divine Liturgy, 5/1, 9:30a
- Nocturns, Ressurectional Matins, Paschal Divine Liturgy, 5/1, 10:30p (candle procession, Feast basket blessing)
- Paschal Vespers, 5/2, 11:30a (Easter lunch)

Bright Week:
- Bright Monday Divine Liturgy, 5/3, 10a
- Bright Thursday Divine Liturgy, 5/6, 10a (all Montana invited with Clergy)

Blood Drive

Wine tasting and class

We are excited to once again host a Wine Tasting evening, so mark your calendars for Thursday Oct. 7, 2021, 6-9 pm as usual.

Excellent wines, tasty finger foods, delicious desserts, 2-3 silent auctions, wine raffle tickets for 25 bottles of wine, all in a lovely setting for fun and camaraderie.

A wine class led by Fr. Russell Radoicich, a trained enologist, will be held on Sunday Sept. 26 from 2-6 pm for a cost of $5.  Wine Tasting tickets will be $50, and both events will be held in the Church Hall at 2100 Continental Drive, Butte.  Raffle tickets will be $25, with two opportunities to win.

To reserve tickets, which will be mailed by early August, call Toni Sullivan 865-0081 or Denise Horne 498-3931.